Where in Oakland?

May 13, 2013

Where in Oakland

Do you recognize this image? It’s from Oakland, and if you can tell us precisely where, you’ll eligible to win a $10 gift certificate to an upcoming Bites off Broadway. Email your answer to where@loakal.com by this Thurs at 5 pm Oakland time to enter. We’ll randomly pick a winner each week and announce the winner here at Loakal.

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Karen Hester is a community activist and events coordinator who lives in North Oakland in Temescal Creek Cohousing. Her event productions website is hesternet.net. She lives and breathes the fight to stop more billboards in Oakland and started ScenicEastBay.org

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  1. Endang Says:

    Hello there,Could you tell me if this location has any avbilaale dates in May 2013?We would be looking to have a Wedding with 40-50 guests.Many thanks in advance,Raymond Boileau


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