Things That I’ve Experienced Once in Nature

August 8, 2013



Shoebill stork, Lake Mburo, Uganda

Once I saw elephants mating in Amboseli Park in Kenya, made a video of it, posted it on Youtube and now have almost 5 million hits. Once I was walking along a path at Pierce Point in Pt Reyes and a weasel appeared, seemed to look us straight in the eye like out of a TV comic and then weaseled itself into the nearby grass. Once in the winter I saw a wood duck with its almost paint by number outlines at a pond in Mountain View Cemetery. Once I was looking at birds near Wilbur Hot Springs and I heard a snake rattle at my feet and I instinctively jumped a foot away and missed stepping on a rattle snake. Once I was doing bare breasted yoga with friends on Mt Diablo in the early morning and a bobcat appeared before us. . Once I was walking in Pinnacles State Park and out of the corner of my eye, saw a large animal with a long tail but it quickly went around a corner. I thought it might be a mountain lion but knew I would never know for sure unless I saw it plainly in sight, so I jogged around the corner toward it and saw a mountain lion going into the brush, its long tail and height and breadth nothing like a bobcat. Once I got lost at a national park called Hell’s Gate in Kenya and crossed paths with a warthog that seemed just as surprised to see me as I it. Once in Ecuador I saw marine iguanas pull themselves up from the sea after being underwater for several minutes eating algae. Once in Peru I went to the coast and saw 9 Andean condors since I hadn’t seen any in the high Andes where they are more common. Once in South Africa near Boulders, I almost ran over two endangered penguins who had come out onto the highway at night. Once in Uganda, I literally got on my hands and knees and crawled to a viewpoint under some trees to see the rare and endangered shoe billed storkwhich can stand 4 feet high.



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