Temescal Creation Story

April 1, 2013

Food, History, Streets


Preeti Mistry of Juhu Beach Club

In the beginning was the Temescal Post Office, Genova Deli, Koryo Plaza, Clausen House, Reed Brothers Security, Bank of the West, G&G Hardware (now deceased), the Temescal Cafe (now deceased), Kaspar’s (deceased?), Ollies (lezzie bar now deceased) and Asmara. The rest along Telegraph Avenue was pretty much darkness. Genova begot Sagrada which begot The Aikido Institute which begot Doña Tomas which begot Tanjia which begot the Temescal Street Fair which begot the Temescal Telegraph Avenue Business Improvement District which begot Bakesale Betty’s which begot 17 Jewels Salon and Spa which begot Lanesplitter Pizza which begot Pizzaiolo which begot Marc 49 which begot The Mixing Bowl which begot La Calaca Loca which begot Tip Top Bike Shop which begot Aunt Mary’s which begot The East Bay Depot which begot Burma Superstar which begot Sura which begot Kansai which begot Scout (now deceased) which begot SR24 (now deceased) which begot the twins Remedy Cafe (now deceased) and Flying Yoga which begot Good Bellies Cafe which begot Tara’s Organic Ice Cream which begot Scream Sorbet which begot Lot 49 which begot the Temescal Alleys which begot Arbor Cafe which begot a big fat new McDonald’s which begot Beauty Bagel which begot Ruby’s Garden which begot Juhu Beach Club which will begat the triplets Cholita Linda, Barkada Bakery and Ramen Tomo.


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3 Responses to “Temescal Creation Story”

  1. Robert Raburn Says:

    Who can forget Bertolli’s at the intersection of Shattuck and Telegraph? Cheap drinks and Italian family-style dinners enlivened my student life during visits from San Jose–made accessible by the opening of BART.


  2. Faith Kramer Says:

    i bought my first (used) sewing machine from a shop on the strip now long gone.


  3. Indra Mungal Says:

    And sadly Desa Arts is gone (was on Telegraph across from Lanesplitter).


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