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It’s That Important: Measure BB Will Repave Half of Oakland’s Streets

October 30, 2014


Oakland’s streets are in bad shape. And everyone uses them. Driving over pothole-ridden streets challenges your car’s suspension, people trip and fall on uneven sidewalks, riding AC Transit is often a jarring experience, and of course bicycling on Oakland’s worst streets is dangerous. Measure BB makes a serious $8 million/year down payment to getting our […]

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MacArthur BART Gets A Redo: Progress Report

April 4, 2013


For the better part of the past century, the automobile contributed to unrestrained growth on the urban periphery. Now we have an opportunity to reverse this unsustainable course and create vibrant communities in the urban core areas centered on transit. The community planning process for MacArthur Village began in 1993. I recall the promising tone […]

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