Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Rally-Lake Merritt on Wed 3:30pm

March 30, 2013


imagesStop the Keystone XL Pipeline Rally

Lake Merritt BART Station Oakland, Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013, 3:30 PM

Join us at the Lake Merritt BART Station to say NO to the Keystone XL Pipeline! (With our voice and homemade signs) Those that wish will then travel together to San Francisco to deliver our message to President Obama who is visiting for a fundraiser! In San Francisco we will join with CREDO,, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and many others, to make this a huge and powerful event, and to make a real difference! More details will be provided after you register.

Register here will be sending out more information about how to get to the event site (the Getty Mansion at 2870 Broadway in San Francisco beginning at 5:30pm), and about possible road closures directed by the Secret Service folks. Parking will be impossible, so plan on taking public transportation. We’ll do it together, making it fun as well as one of the best things we can do to make a real difference.

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