I Belong on My Bike

May 2, 2013

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Sexy and strong women on bikes

I’m not sure when I started loving to bike so much. I’ve never owned a car so riding has been a way of life for me. I mainly started riding a bike in my 20’s in graduate school in San Jose. I remember riding it to class and work and back to where I lived in East San Jose but I regarded it mainly as a mode of transportation. I think it’s really only in the last 5 years that I have become addicted to riding a bike. I feel a freedom on a bike that’s a little hard to explain. I want everyone, especially women and girls, to feel that sense of ease and empowerment that riding a bike provides. I especially like riding home at night after a movie or dinner out. There is less traffic and it’s amazingly quiet and peaceful and sometimes the moon and stars are waiting for me to notice them. I know some women are scared to ride for many reasons and I want them all to take bike safety classes with the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. After riding a bike for so long, it’s gratifying to see so many more women and girls, some of them in very fashionable attire, cruising by. I think women who are biking look sexy and strong. I sometimes think of the song and change the words to, “I was biking, when biking wasn’t cool.”

Bike to Work Day and Bike Happy Hour Party on May 9th


Karen on her trusty bianchi with the crate on back


Women’s ride hosted by East Bay Bicycle Coalition, March 2013 in front of Rosie the Riveter statue, Richmond


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