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It’s That Important: Measure BB Will Repave Half of Oakland’s Streets

October 30, 2014


Oakland’s streets are in bad shape. And everyone uses them. Driving over pothole-ridden streets challenges your car’s suspension, people trip and fall on uneven sidewalks, riding AC Transit is often a jarring experience, and of course bicycling on Oakland’s worst streets is dangerous. Measure BB makes a serious $8 million/year down payment to getting our […]

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Is Choosing A Mayor a Bit Like Choosing a College?

October 22, 2014


Is Choosing Oakland’s Mayor a Bit Like Choosing a College? Deciding how to vote for mayor this year seem to be on a par with choosing colleges as an 18 year old–with so much at stake and so many varied choices what’s the responsible thing to do with the information at hand. I have asked […]

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