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Communitize DON’T Privatize!/Private Security Patrols are not the Answer

May 26, 2014


Flyers are up across the Temescal asking folks to donate $157.50 for a 6 month contract for a private security car to drive by your house 3 times a day to “check in” on your house. Some other neighborhoods have also instituted this crowd  sourcing approach as a way to feel better. As much as […]

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Mt Diablo–Spring Wildflower Hike

May 12, 2014


We began at a trailhead on the steep north side of Mt Diablo Saturday and we hiked up Donner Canyon along the fire trail. Jennifer very nearly stepped on a juvenile rattlesnake, taking the sun on the gravel path and nearly indistinguishable from it. Until not. When the pit-headed viper writhes away with its few rattles […]

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